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My name is Thomas and I am a monster polydacyl tabbee cat. (scooz the spellin, I've got paws remember^-^)

I am also an international modeling and singing sensation.

(For booking inquiries/my portfolio email-FuzzyfelineX@aol.com) Now back to more about me agen!

I'm the Man of the house and everyone knows it (including my human Daddy) hehe.

Height: about 2 feeet
weight: (I'm on a diet right now)
Length: I'm long damn it! (about as long as my Iams bag)
eye color: Alligator green
place of origin: I came from the Vega constellation
Lunar sign: Dragon
Sun sign:
Favorite thing to do: Play dress up, have the humans turn on the disco ball and play with random objects in the bedroom. I also like tan bark and random objects being placed on my head.
Favorite insects: Bumbel bee's, centipedes and crickets
Favorite flowers: Pansys. ( Which I love to eat!)
Best features: my beautiful coat, 12 toes, dazzling personality. I'm also very affectionate, but usually when no one is looking.

Personal Quote: "I am an enigma unto myself"

~And a picture of my beautiful soul mate and Mistress~
Of whom I pledge my love and eternal loyalty~~~

Eternus Amour^-^
acting bizarely, being loved, bugs, eating catnip, eating pansy's, foot biting, foot fetishism, funky music, getting lots of attention, getting my pictures taken, getting my way, having my back massaged, having my personal space, human toys, picking fights with jacque, playing, song writing, space brothers and sisters, techno kitty